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I was working as a means to measure kitchen designers, customers who visit the houses in the kitchen. On this day, I came to a residential area is not nice, it was early, but went anyway. I for Elaine, who was greeted by a bird the late thirties, I was late in my twenties. ate and asked if I would compete in the kitchen while she was finishing her lunch, I agreed and measured the tiny kitchen. Then he entered the room. He sat at the table and began to show me some pictures of kitchen had cut from a magazine. At this point, he pornvideos said he wanted to fit a top green eyes. He looked into my eyes and had a beautiful emerald green, 'Wow, they really are green, ' I said, then spoke, his eyes and asked if she, with the help of contacts in order to change color, she said no and told me I have a good look, now that he was always very close to it. asked if I could give an idea of ​​the kitchen design to which I agreed. I followed her to down the hall to the kitchen and noticed her firm ass, wearing tight black pants and there was no visible panty line. Once in the kitchen, explained the design, they wanted to know why not put the oven and stove in a certain position, and explained that to block the rest of the kitchen when cooking for someone, especially if the grill the door was open. I could not see, so grill down the door and brought her to stand behind him, although there is a gap to walk through was very tight. pornvideos 'I'm sure you can go through there,' she said, I laughed, but she insisted that I try. I've pornvideos managed to squeeze through it, but I rubbed against her ass on the way. I was now trapped in the main kitchen. I asked if her husband would be able to 'It's not the lump of fat,' they replied. Then she asked again, this time I'm sure she moved her ass, because I feel that my flaccid penis could rub, when I pushed in the direction of honestand that it was coined. 'I do not say I've got a fat ass,' he said, 'No. On the contrary, so it looks like a very nice ass,' he said, 'What do you see what it can mean' he said. He went on to explain that it was a quick and determination that I had to do more checks. 'Forward', I said, I ran my hands over her hand and placed it in the pornvideos ass 'Y', he said, ' it feels good to me,' he said waving his hands around her ass PERT : 'Of course it would be a thorough investigation to make sure '100 percent, said mischievously. ' Now that we've come so far honey, I think we need a full inspection. ' I had my hands around his ass from his hip, were the button and zipper on the side and opened the button, pornvideos now we were pushing and grinding in the other and my cock was pushing with enthusiasm in front of my pants. I unzipped it and gets rid of tight pants. started down I pulled down my pants when I left was her beautiful ass from here to there nownt pornvideos of my face, I ran my hands pornvideos up and down her ass, her thong was stuck in the ass. ' Okay,' 'Lovely,' he said, 'check' he said. I ran my tongue down the cheeks ass, she spread her legs, and I ran my fingers through her ​​legs and started rubbing her pussy. She moaned with pleasure, I slid the panties aside and slipped a finger behind it was nice and moist, and bit my finger on it. Finally, she got up and opened my pants, sucking my cock, her mouth on my cock was stiff and she pushed me back, because it sucked on my tail. His pornvideos movements were quick and the work of his hand on my testicles. I felt my body stiffenened running and I shot my load all over her face, she licked my cock clean. I had to measure again later before installing the kitchen, she asked me in the bedroom furniture to pornvideos measure, once went to the room and fuck like rabbits in the afternoon.
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